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Blogging Profit Factory is a complete, step-by-step guide to taking your blog to the next level. If your blog is stuck in the doldrums, if you’d like to be making more money from it, or it just needs livening up, these in-depth videos are for you!

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Turn Every Blog Into a Lean, Mean, Profit-Building Machine.

Blogging Profit Factory

What You Will Learn

Video 1: Introduction

An overview of what’s to come, and why it’s wrong to quit – even if you’re finding it hard going.

Video 2: Identify Your Ideal Blog Reader

Who is your ideal blog reader?  This video shows you how to use market segmentation to identify your ideal customer and to take your blog marketing to the next level.

Video 3: How to Win Customers and Get More Business.

If your blog posts all sound like a sales pitch, you’ll have a hard time finding loyal readers.This video will give you six steps to take that practically guarantee your readers will keep coming back for more.

Video 4: Streamlining Content Creation

Struggling to come up with ideas for interesting blog posts?  You won’t be after you’ve seen this information-packed video.

Video 5: Creating a Must-Read Blog

If you want to create a ‘must-read’ blog, make it stand for something.
There are 8 major focus points for making yourself an authority, and this video explains them all. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, these rules are used by the most successful blogs right across the Internet.

Video 6: Take Your Blog to the Next Level

When it comes to blog marketing the best way to take your blog to the next level is to …

You’ll kick yourself when you see the simple secret in this must-see video.

Video 7: Visual Content is a Must

If you want to truly grow your blog marketing efforts, visual content is a must. This video takes a look at how to introduce visual content in your blog marketing strategy.

Video 8:Integrated Blog Marketing

How integrated is your blog marketing? Do your Facebook posts support your opt-in? Do your blog posts support your downloadable content? To achieve maximum success, it’s important that your blog marketing efforts are integrated. This video will show you how.

Video 9: Adding Webinars and Online Seminars

Webinars and online seminars are a goldmine!  This video shows how you can add them to your marketing mix.

Video 10: Is Mobile Blog Marketing for You?

As more and more people are using their smartphones to access information, it’s likely your audience may be reading your blog on their phones. This video shows you how to keep them reading.

Video 11: The Role of Social Media in Blog Marketing.

For many blog marketers social media can be overwhelming. It won’t be for you after you’ve seen this information-packed video.

Video 12: Monetizing Your Blog

Using your blog to bring in more business and boost your bottom line is the goal of most blog marketers. This video gives you the lowdown on all the different methods available.

Video 13: Advanced Monetization Techniques

This video gives you the lowdown on how some of the top bloggers online sky-rocket their profits.

Video 14: How to Re-purpose and Optimize Existing Content.

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you’ve probably got enough material to fill a library.  This video shows you how to turn it into brand new content to keep your blog visitors interested.

Video 15: Scaling Up

Once you’ve started to gain traffic and the money starts flowing in, what can you do to scale your business and speed things up? This video explains all.


Video 16: How to Keep Your Readers Coming Back Time and Time Again

Repeat visitors equals repeat business. This video explains how to build a following.

Video 17: Mixed Bag & Conclusion

There’s lots information about blog marketing that, though important, didn’t really warrant a video of it’s own.  All the info is here.

Check out this sample from the video series

Too busy to watch the videos? No problem!

I’ve transcribed the video content into this easy to read report in convenient PDF format (great for referring back to), AND I’ve also split off the audio from all the videos in convenient MP3 format – perfect for  listening “on the go”.  A FREE copy of both comes included with your order.

I’m so confident this will enable you to take your blog to the next level, get more readers and do more business, I’m backing it up with my 30 Day, No-Quibble, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after watching the videos, reading the report or listening to the MP3 audio you find the series doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know, or you’re dissatisfied with it for any reason (or no reason at all) then I’ll happily refund every penny you’ve paid for it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order Now (Risk Free) While The Price is Still Low


17 information packed videos that show you how to take your blog marketing to the next level.

A PDF manual that gives you a handy reference to look at.

Audio MP3 files of all the videos.

A special, one time only, low price

30 Days money back guarantee.

Yes, I’m ready to take my blog marketing to the next level.


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